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    What was once only reserved for our military, and a thing you would see on action movies and science fiction shows, is now available to the general public and priced for the consumer. While still not cheap, thermal imaging cameras for Surveilance are one of the most effective tools for security threat detection and leaves traditional Surveilance systems and cameras in the dust, literarily. I won't bore you with thermal dynamics and heat signatures.

  • Concealed Handgun Permits

    Let me first start by saying that I am in favor of the carrying of concealed licensed handguns. With that said anyone who has a permit or knows anything about gunswill have surly heard the advice of never pointing a gun at anyone unless you expect to use it, practice and become proficient, learn gun safety, etc., etc. These are all true but there are three other rules people often don't think about.


    I have always loved numbers, mathematics and Gaming Theory. So I thought I would connect my love for numbersto a growing and serious problem, “Corporate Embezzlement”. Growing, like all crime due to the high unemployment and businesses cutting back on salaries, bonuses and other incentives.

  • ACTIVE SHOOTER - Workplace Violence

    Go to anyinternet search engine and you will find various definitions for an "active shooter". The best definition I can give is a person engaged in shooting and killing or attempting to shoot or kill a group of individuals with no pattern or method to the selection of their victims. Imagine how fast it takes place and the confusion it causes.


    KIDS AND TEENAGER TROUBLES – WHAT YOU ONLY THINK YOU KNOW Everyone has heard the warning signs or so called “Red Fags” to look for which could indicate possible trouble with your child or teenager such as alcohol and drug use, gang affiliations or criminal activities. These include poor grades, mood swings, excessive computer use, acting differently at times, unknown friends and not coming home at the agreed upon time, to mention just a few. But in reality, how likely are we to associate these a...

  • Hiring a Private Investigator

    As they say, "the wheels of justice turn very slowly", so usually there is no reason torush into an agreement with the first Investigator or agencyyou speak with. Most Investigators specialize in a few particular facets of their industry. Interview several to make sure you are comfortable with the person you choose.

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