Concealed Handgun Permits

Let me first start by saying that I am in favor of the carrying of concealed licensed handguns. With that said anyone who has a permit or knows anything about gunswill have surly heard the advice of never pointing a gun at anyone unless you expect to use it, practice and become proficient, learn gun safety, etc., etc. These are all true but there are three other rules people often don't think about.

First and foremost, always carry your firearm whenever and wherever it is legal to do so. Don't just be an occasional carrier. If you have invested the time and money in to the equipment, training and licensing there was a reason. If we could predict that I mayonly need it when going in to this part of town, the solution would be easy. Don't go there!Too often incidents happen in unexpected and unlikely places. Also, if you have to leave your firearm in the car, make sure you can lock it up. Your care and the firearm.

Second, you must hold yourself to a higher standard at all times. What I mean by this is you are going to have to become a passive person, which it Texas is often hard to do. Who doesn't want to roll down the window and lose control of their inner monologue or make some other gesture after being cut off in Houston traffic. However, all this incident has to do is escalate and you could be perceived as the aggressor. Witnesseshave a very different memory on things that took place when asked to testify about them. Rarely did they see the entire event, but they will remember you sticking your head outand yelling at the guy in the car next to you.I have found that it has reduced a lot of stress in my life, reduced traffic tickets and finally all that really happens by slowing down and taking it easy is I am going to get to the same spot as the other guy, assuming he makes it, two minutes later.

Finally, don't be a "flasher". It's a concealed handgun permit and that is the way your firearm should be. There are many reasons for this that would make this blog in to a book but the people who do it because they think it is a big deal to carry a firearm and wants everyone to see, are no better thenthe other type of flashers.

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